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See those bat wings? Those horns? SHE'S A DEMON!

" The planet Tamar-I mean, showbiz, of course. "
  —Summer, after being asked what planet she's from

Summer Hugglemonster is a demon cute little monster girl.

She is Starfire's biggest enemy and rival, even more than the HIVE. This is mostly because she is infamous for stealing Starfire's voice.

Early life

Summer was born to Momma and Daddo Hugglemonster. She was adorable from when she was born, but her voice really sucked. She hated it. It sounded like a 48-year-old Pakistani terrorist. A 48-year-old Pakistani terrorist who smokes, of course.

So, she went on a quest to find a better voice so she could pursue her singing and acting career. She flew all the way to Jump City and witnessed Starfire singing to the HIVE to calm them down. Summer, jealous of Starfire's lovely voice, used Idiot Manipulation on Starfire to steal Starfire's voice for herself. Her previous voice was later lent to Wonky Donkey, who gave that voice to one of his campers.


Summer is a fake-nice monster. She pretends to be nice, but in reality she's just planning revenge on Starfire. She's also a drama queen. She overreacts to EVERY. SINGLE. THING. When she gets upset, she cries so much that it causes a flood wherever she cries. The only things she likes are her voice, and her "roarsome" family. She hates everything else. She's a spy anyways.....

She also likes to sing pointless and dumb songs about everything. Not just peace, love, and wanting the cheese for breakfast like Starfire.


To the Teen Titans...and to, well, everyone, Summer is a horrible threat whose job is to use Starfire's voice, but WITH PROPER GRAMMAR!

Upon hearing the name "Summer Hugglemonster," people tremble. Starfire even goes on a daily quest everyday to beat up Summer and (hopefully) give her a different voice. Starfire thinks Summer would sound better with Justin Beaver's voice.

Starfire beating up Summer.


  • Children love her but she hates them.
  • Starfire once sued her in court.