Cquote1 I wouldn't have nothing if I didn't have you Cquote2
Sulley while trying to be a nice guy

James P. Sullivan

Gender: Male
Hair color: Blue (via his fur)?
Eye color: Blue
Species: Behemoth
Home: Monsters Incorporated
AKA: (Commonly simply) Sulley, Sullivan, James P. Sullivan (Full name)
Likes: Scaring the c*** out of people like Mike Wazoski
Dislikes: Painis Cupcake
Education: "Monsters University"

Sulley is a behemoth who's Mike Wazowski's BFF, both of whom are worst enemies of/with Randall Boggs.

During 2013, he and Mike Wazowski became evil whereas their worst enemy, Randall Boggs, became a hero.

During 2014, he and Mike became heroes again and Randall became evil again.

During 2015, he started doing 4chan, 1.5 years right after Mike did so.

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