The Stupid One

Stupidsm is the stupidest religion in the UnUniverse, and only for losers, jerks and noobs. 233456789000% of the UnWorld are Stupiders, and are stupid.The Stupiders believe in The Stupid One, and prays to him every day. It`s history sounds interesting to losers, but boring to anyone else.


The history is from yesterday, when The Stupid One was born. On Earth. He was a baby in OVAH 9000 minutes, before he became adult. As adult he uses to say too often " BARGAGE! " and " SCHÅLL! " Also when he saves the world, it`s a dream. The same did he do the next day. The next day he did go on a grenade and it did go BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Nobody cared about that he was dead, except for the stupid ones. They did make a funeral where they did wack him, fart on him and sit on him like an idiot. Then was Stupidism created.

A Day In The Life of a Stupider

A Stupiders day in the life is to act like a loser, be stupid and forget the awsome ones. The next day he must do the same, even if it`s bad or not. The day after that he should find a way to kill himself, or make a maniac kill him. If that dosn`t succeed, he must do stupidism the next day, and the day after that, and find a way to kill himself. A funeral can be painful after you does die. It has other Stupiders wack you, fart on you and sit on you like an idiot.

Notable Stupiders

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