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The Stupidity Wikia was a wiki that had no purpose but to have no purpose. Things they have there are the Stoopiverse, the Pigopocalypse, the Stupid Cat Revolution, the Teletubby Reformation, The Day The Stoopiverse Was Created, and more! It doesn't just stop there, but who wants to type an essay about this wiki? The only pages we need are stupid ones, so no logic should be used (except cartoon logic). It got deleted by Wikia for no reason, but Katma is a nice person, so she imported the Stupidity Wiki here to the UnAnything Wiki until the original admin team finds alternative hosting, but then it was reinstated and MountWario and cg097, as well as Donkey Kong is now a zebra have to fix everything and revert pages that were overwritten by the stupididy version.

User Rights Order on Stupidity

User Type Rights
First Stoopie Everything
Mega Stoopie Like the founder, but not
Stoopie Normal + Block, Delete, Undelete, etc.
Stoopie in Training Normal + Chat Moderator Status
Potential Stoopie Normal: Editing and Commenting, etc.
Wikia Contributor You would have normal, but this wiki doesn't allow WCs.
Inactive User Normal, but well, you're inactive
Temporarily Blocked User Nothing until your block is over (then back to your normal status)
Permanently Blocked User Nothing anymore unless someone unblocks you
User Who Is Not On This Wiki You have to join to earn any user rights
Not on Wikia Nothing
Not Alive Anymore Ded


Better known as the Stoopies, which toTallY unconfusingly is also a term for any Stupididy Wiki user. Admins which were active during this month are likely available to help throw blocks. The months in parentheseseses are those which were the last/most recent months for an administrator to edit on their wiki.

Admins from 2018

Admins from 2017

Historical Admins

The 40 Repellents

Lots of things on there are dangerous, so you MUST have a REPELLENT on you at all times if you wish to go there. Here is a delicate list of all 40 REPELLENTS.

Name Repels Created By Made No.
Life REPELLENT Anything Within a Mile OliviaOil06 September 29, 2016 1
Trump REPELLENT Donald Trump HiSun September 30, 2016 2
HiSun REPELLENT HiSun's Minions HiSun September 30, 2016 3
JustineCarl REPELLENT Creepy Things or People, and Presidential Candidates JustineCarl5 October 12, 2016 4
Sun REPELLENT Fighting Suns JustineCarl5 October 13, 2016 5
Lava stamp REPELLENT Viral Trends, Candidates, Kid Stuff, and Unusers Lava stamp October 15, 2016 6
PPAP REPELLENT PikoTaro and PPAP WatermelonSunshine October 20, 2016 7
Johnny Johnny REPELLENT Johnny Johnny WatermelonSunshine October 20, 2016 8
W.S. REPELLENT Select Bad People, Things, and Media WatermelonSunshine October 20, 2016 9
Jacob Sartorious REPELLENT All Musical.ly Users WatermelonSunshine October 20, 2016 10
ShopkinsAddict REPELLENT Every Single Hater in the World ShopkinsAddict October 24, 2016 11
IheartBratayley REPELLENT Umbridge, Sartorious, Johnny Johnny, and Kids Shows IheartBratayley October 27, 2016 12
ShopkinsCute REPELLENT ShopkinsCute and SpiltMilk10 ShopkinsCute November 12, 2016 13
Hillary Clinton REPELLENT Liars ShopkinsCute November 12, 2016 14
Dunce03 REPELLENT Orange or Cringy Things and People HiSun November 13, 2016 15
Musical.ly REPELLENT Musical.ly, Certain Singers, and Bad Songs TheSnuggleKinzA November 14, 2016 16
Shopk(ins x8) REPELLENT Counterfeit Things JustineCarl5 November 22, 2016 17
Wikia REPELLENT Wikia TheSnuggleKinzA November 23, 2016 18
Repellent REPELLENT Repellents TheSnuggleKinzA December 12, 2016 19
Pokémon Go REPELLENT Pokémon Go and All Electronics TheSnuggleKinzA December 14, 2016 20
Dolores Umbridge REPELLENT Dolores Umbridge, Pantsuits, and Nina Noodles IheartBratayley December 14, 2016 21
Sprinkle Lily Cake REPELLENT Trump, Nina Noodles, Fake Shopkins, and Bullies Deshna Lilyberry December 16, 2016 22
Diamond REPELLENT Dust, Dirt, The Color Black, and Grosseries Deshna Lilyberry December 18, 2016 23
Meme REPELLENT Memes JustineCarl5 December 29, 2016 24
Dunny REPELLENT Evil Users, Bullies, and Evil DWTD Characters Deshna Lilyberry January 02, 2017 25
W.A.N.O. REPELLENT We Are Number One and Robbie Rotten TheSnuggleKinzA January 02, 2017 26
Alena7769 REPELLENT Hagorn, Asval, Bad Users, Fire, and Shopkins Haters Alena7769 January 03, 2017 27
Loupa REPELLENT ShopkinsCute, SpiltMilk10, S.A.L.T.S., and Blood Stains Loupa January 07, 2017 28
Wublin REPELLENT Monsters Monster4ever11111 January 16, 2017 29
Hathoria REPELLENT Hagorn, Ether, Halazars, and Hathoria Deshna Lilyberry January 19, 2017 30
Stingy REPELLENT Stingy Lil' Freddy Fazbear January 21, 2017 31
Peppermint REPELLENT Skunk Spray and Other Scents TheSnuggleKinzB February 17, 2017 32
Amihan REPELLENT Amihan & Other Encantadas and Encantados TheSnuggleKinzA February 17, 2017 33
Priscilla REPELLENT Priscilla, Priscilla's Blog, Eggs, Omelettes, and Little Mix Alena7769 February 19, 2017 34
FireAfy REPELLENT Flower, Golfball, Coiny, Haters of BFDI and FireAfy Deshna Lilyberry March 11, 2017 35
JuJu On That Beat REPELLENT JuJu On That Beat, Zay Hilfigerrr, and Zayion McCall JustineCarl5 March 12, 2017 36
I Like OJ REPELLENT I Like OJ JustineCarl5 March 14, 2017 37
Shoppie REPELLENT Shoppies, Shoppies' Shopkins, and Toytubers TheSnuggleKinzA April 18, 2017 38
Business REPELLENT Business and Politics OliviaOil06 December 21, 2017 39
Lohocla REPELLENT Alcohol TheSnuggleKinzA February 14, 2018 40

The 5 NO's

  1. NO uploading profane media.
  2. NO spamming others' message walls.
  3. NO making pointless and short pages.
  4. NO using vulgar and inappropriate language.
  5. NO editing other peoples' user pages unless necessary.


Grammar is not important to them, so "Let's eat, grandma!" becomes be "Let's eat grandma!"