Fat bear

Old title card from 1995.

Stupid fat bear

Restored title card from 2004.

Stupid Fat Bear is the 42nd episode in the Teletubbies. Basically, they watch it dance all day.


One morning, the Teletubbies got out of bed and Po randomly decided she wanted to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom. But then The Magic Windmill started spinning. At first, the idiot Tinky Winky freaked out because he thought they were aliens, even though he is a Teletubby too. But then, a huge bear climbed down the windmill, clearly immune to its magic. Then, the bear danced for the rest of the episode. It just danced.


The parents liked this because there was no violence, blood, no guns. The kids disliked it for the same reason. Frank West just grunted and shot the interviewer.

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