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Stupid City is a city in the United States of UnAmerica. It houses those who are incredibly stupid. Its basic design is supposed to assist those who are stupid, and it is run by those who are especially stupid.


Stupid City was once called Capital City. It was founded in 1798 by a mix of unpopular politicians, unsuccessful scientists, pirates, and mutant beavers. They created the city to be a home for those who have nowhere else to go. They made a decent civilization, except for one problem. They forgot to make schools.

Eventually, the average IQ of the residents of Capital City was 42, and they renamed the place Stupid City: "The Stupidest City Ever". The government tried to put schools in place, but the morons in town blew them up by mistake. The government gave up, and donated ten millions dollars and one thousand workers to help the city work with stupid people.

Stupid City is now one of the most famous cities in the world, with a very large population to match it. It is stupid-friendly, and the hot-spot for all morons of the world.

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The only smarties there are the thives... HELP!