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Strollin' Stu
Scientific name: Strollifues Stupidifus
Hair color: Orange
Eye color: Green
Habitat: Dark caves, really dark caves
Natural range: Stupid City and N. Sanity Island
Time alive: about 3 seconds give or take 4, including negative seconds which is impossible
Size: Short
Weight: Fat
Edible? Yes
Tastes like: Fleshy chestnuts
Preys on: Moronji Tatsumi
Is preyed upon by: Books, education, basically anything to make it smart
Intelligence: 0.0​0​0​0​0​0​0​0​0​0​0​0​0​0​0​0​0​1 IQ
Powers: Makes people around it dumb as well!
UnRank: 0

Strollin' Stus are the UnWorld's dumbest creatures having no intelligence. They're unlegal in the Brazil, and no-where to be seen in Bowser Army. It is thought that these creatures are the stupefied versions of Goombas who have 1 IQ. However, they're allowed to be in Ganon and his minions.

Albert Einstein and Bowser first started studying these creatures in the year 9734. In their discoveries they found out that these creatures have a connection with Godzilla but are unsure how or why. Chuck Norris once made a quote about these creatures saying: "I once found one of these things eating a Teletubby in the forest! I chopped off my nose hairs soon after." If you are unlucky enough to see one of these monstrosities make sure you put it in a cage and politely return it to Bowser for he will be very unhappy if you do and might even KILL YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!


It is a rumor that Donkey Kong actually is the creator of these things. This was started when a random Furby once saw Donkey Kong and a Strollin' Stu talking in some strange language. Also, Donkey Kong has been seen blasting Goombas with a Strollin' Stuifier.

Another theory is that they created themselves. This happened when a Goomba from the future planned to make Goombas from the past with a time machine but this upset Po so he deformed the Goomba from the future and made him a Strollin' Stu so instead of making Goombas from the past he accidentally created Strollin' Stus from the past. The most popular theory is that they are created by Adolf Hitler's mustache hairs thus making them one of the most evil beings ever created.



The first-known Strollin' Stu was in the year 9733 and only survived about 11.98 seconds due to him being incredibly stupid and dropping himself on the head. Every year Strollin' Stus celebrate his death by giving each other Elephant turds and Godzilla breaths.