Cquote1 Repent, motherf*****s! Cquote2
Stocking Anarchy cursing for no reason while fighting some ghost.

Stocking Anarchy AKA Gothic Lolita is a legendary warrior who fights ghosts, (Not Ghostbusters related) and is also a fallen Angel. She can also use some swords. Pretty good, homeboy!


Stocking was once an Angel that lived in Heaven for a while and then was kicked out because she got Tom in there. She was a fallen Angel who landed in a place called The Mushroom Kingdom. She was a documented citizen there for about two months and then left because Luigi kept hitting on her. It seemed the most obvious thing for her to do would be to kill ghosts. So, she made two swords out of thin air and sliced them to pieces. She killed ghosts big and small, so ghosts didn't like this. They declared war on her but she killed them immediately.

Eventually, she became a recognizable hero! Every ghost was nearly done for, so she made songs out of boredom. One was named Chocolat, which got Tom back again. One of her other songs was Fly Away (now), which later became her transformation theme song. Did I mention it takes her 5 minutes to make the swords? Anyways, she was a talented musician unlike 99.13% of the other guys in the UnWorld. One day somebody needed her to save the world from other things like monsters and demons from Hell. She was the first person anybody asked for this. 

She didn't ask for this. It was hard, and rough, but she still did a awesome job. She was killed and revived dozens of times. Eventually she met the final bosses: Mabel's ghost, King Boo, and Queen Boo. Queen boo was nothing, and king was nothing. Mabel was also easy. Stocking was asked to be a Undefeatable but declined because she had her share. She eventually went back to heaven after Mr. T killed her.

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