Everything's his.

Stingy is some guy who bribes people for their stuff because he wants everything in the entire UnUniverse. He owns you, you belong to him. He also likes his piggy bank, which is ALSO HIS!. He is also one of the rulers of Our Country.


Before moving to Lazy Town, Stingy was a ruler, he owned Everybody and everything. But Stingy's slaves were fed up with his stinginess, they slapped him and left. He decided to move to Lazytown instead so he can own everything there. He Then met Ziggy and ate his lollipop which made him cry. Stingy Owes Ziggy a new lollipop. But they soon became friends. Ziggy showed Stingy to Trixie and he killed her for no reason. but she respawned. Stingy then began to take her stuff as it's his. He then took The Mayor's money to fill his piggy up with. He bought a yellow car that is his aswell.

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