Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs holding an iThingamabob.

Steve Jobs is a man who had a dream...but not just any dream like Martin Luther King Jr. He had a dream that people would be discriminated against, by computers. This dream was eventually formed into Apple Inc. Steve Jobs became one of the most successful men alive.

Nobody knew who Steve Jobs was until one day He just walked in and decided to start a business. Nobody knows where He walked into, or if He even existed before this moment. He started a business called Apple Inc. Everybody said it was a stupid idea, but Steve Jobs did not listen. He started it anyways, and invented the iPod.

His business went through the roof. Literally, the entire office He was renting blasted off and went through the roof of the office building. Since His business was also expanding, He was able to pay for the damages. Then He started buying expensive cars and stuff.

He basically lived through the same routine for many years. He would invent some random crappy device that was smaller and less effective than the last one. Then He would sell it for several times what it was worth, and he would buy more expensive cars. This continued until He claimed He was cooler than Chuck Norris. Chuck spat on Him, and he died shortly afterward.


  • It is rumored that He built Alt 2.0. This is because her head's shape resembles the monitor of an iMac.
  • Despite not being involved with chemistry, element 117 was named after Him as the synthetic halogen known as Jobsine (Symbol: Jb) in honor of Him and His works.
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