Steve Irwin is a guy who lives in Australia and picks up baby crocodiles and other things he finds lying around

Steve Irwin hugging his favorite baby crocodile.


When Steve was a kid this guy kept bothering him but one day a crocodile came out of the water and ate the guy. Then Steve dicided to spend his life with animals. Then this guy said that he couldn't because it was too dangerous, but he threw a piranha at him. He is friends with Chuck Norris and Ace Ventura. He made a good TV show about animals and stuff and he is awesome. THE END. At somepoint, Joshau Stingray (AKA Death Ray) was hired to kill him. When Josh finally found Steve, they battled.


  • Once somebody made a clone of him and fused it with Cheese and callefd it Cheese Irwin
  • For some reason, Ko The Panda wants to kill him
  • He is the only person Titanaboa dosn't want dead
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