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The State of Weegee was a territory of the Squadala Empire. Once a magnificent country of its own, the State of Weegee was, for a long time. merely a small area of land owned by Squadala Man. How is it possible that a land owned by one of the most powerful beings of all time was taken by an old man? I will tell you:

There was once an ancient land owned by ancient peoples,
Thousands of years ago.
These peoples lived without war or hatred.
They lived in harmony with each other.

As the fools had no weapons, this made them easy targets for the wrath of Weegee.
He came in and started, and everyone turned into Weegees.
The evil one ruled this land for thousands of years.
A harsh dictator, an evil ruler.

But then came Squadala Man,
Under orders of Bowser,
To expand the empire of Squadala,
For use in the War of Hyrule.

Weegee fought bravely,
But was no match for Bowser Army,
Led by Super Eviler Bowser himself.
All was lost for the State of Weegee.

Bowser and the Man of Squadala were merciful.
They allowed Weegee to remain leader of his state,
As long as it submitted to Squadala Empire

Weegee and Squadala Man are no friends.
However, there is once again peace in the lands.
With the War of Hyrule now over,
Squadala Man remains in control just to be a jerk.

And that my friends, is the story of the State of Weegee. Who knows, maybe Weegee will take it over again? You hear that, Weegee?

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