Starless' eldritch form.

Starless was the Fuhrer of Germany from 1777 to 1779. A dark, seclusive being, not much was known about him other than the fact that during his reign, he was literally the sky. The spooky dark starless sky. He had a human form, though he rarely exposed it to anyone but those he trusted most during his time as fuhrer. Considered worldwide to be one of the most evil German fuhrers in history. This is exactly the type of guy your mother warned you about, kids.


Nothing at all is known of Starless' past. What is known is that he is an Outer God, often going to meeting with others such as Nyarlathotep and Used Napkin. Starless was said to be a cold and decisive fuhrer, rarely showing his human form, and always keeping his statements quick and mysterious. As fuhrer, he was capable; he ended Germany's then war with France in a total of five minutes, forty-nine seconds, and 23.9 milliseconds.

After fuhrer

After his time as fuhrer, Starless suddenly decided to leave his position and retreated to his unknown Outer God form, replacing the sky with its normal form. He claimed in a recent interview that it was due to a lawsuit filed by Josh Homme he'd rather not get into. He has not been seen since.

Fuhrer of Germany
Baby Sun
1777-1779 Ludwig van Beethoven
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