Fox, the main protagonist of the shame

Star Fox was an old shame for Funtendo 46, and a rip-off of Star Wars, which was a rip-off of Star Trek. Basically, everything seen in the shame was the exact same stuff seen in Star Wars, except the entire cast was replaced by woodland creatures.


The shame was really, really awful, although did manage to pwn many other shames in the Annual Shame Awards, such as OBJECTION: The Shame and Guitar Hero: Po. So technically, even though the shame sucked, it had one of the highest rankings of all shames.

Interaction in real life

At one point in the shame, some fat rabbit, called Peppy Hare, tells some extremely stoned fox, named Fox McCloud, to tilt his plane in a circular motion. However, since the shame was originally released in Japanese, the phrase roughly translates to DO A BARREL ROLL!!!. Yes, the exclamation points are really there. The phrase became wildly popular around the world and even got its own flight position named after it. YES, THAT'S WHERE THE MOTION CAME FROM!!! Peppy Hare became beloved all around the world also, and even released a hit single , the "Do A Barrel Roll Song!" Unfortunately the records aren't being sold any more for people started becoming extremely stoned by how awesome the single was.

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