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Stare into his eyes.... you are falling into a deep sleep...

Squidward's Suicide is a popular short Creepypasta about Squidward Tentacles who killed his self because he suffered from a really nasty diarrhea.


The story centers around Squidward Tentacles. When he went to a restaurant called Taco Bell, he ordered 50 tacos for him. After eating all the tacos, he started having flatulence. After having flatulence he had a diarrhea. Everyday, Squidward go to the bathroom to take a dump until his body is completely dehydrated because of all his poop. He eventually killed his self by eating more tacos. But it didn't work. It only made it worst. The pain is taking all over his body until his eyes is bloodsore evil. After that, his stomach exploded he then eventually died. The story ends.

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