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The Squid Sisters

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The Squid Sisters are two inklings who live in Inkopolis, and are great singers and dancers. They are also models, too.

In fact, despite their name, they are cousins, not sisters.


Callie is one of the Squid Sisters. She has a purplish-pink hat, of course, and has black tentacles (I guess?).


Callie hung herself when she lost the splatfest. Marie was so devastated she pretended that Callie was kidnapped and an Agent rescued her. To this day Marie still wanders around with an umbrealla talking to "Callie".


Marie is another one of the Squid Sisters. She has a green hat, and has grayish-white tentacles.


They were born many years before the shame Splatoon was made. They liked to sing during that time. Once in 2015, they made Inkopolis News. Now, they HATE Splat Tim.

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