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Squeegee is one of the most evil of all the Fakegees. He is notable for his ability to make people explode by only staring at them, but if he is Shiny Squeegee, he can freeze people, followed by an implosion.

This is NOT Squeegee!

Squeegee was created by Squidward Tentacles. Weegee and Meegee were staring at him, so he Malleo screamed very loudly. This somehow created Squeegee. Squeegee ran off to the Mushroom Kingdom.


Birth Of Sqeegee

How Squeegee was created.

Sqeegee had a part-time job at attacking people, but then the Police came in, so he ran for it. Then, he started scaring people by sticking his tongue out at them. He later joined the rest of Weegeekind trying to destroy Humanity. During The Fakegee War, he killed Meegee  (who respawned) and Daizeh, and also blew up Hergee's fakegee empire. We have no idea where he went then. Nobody knows.

All that we know now is that During the Meegee Era, Squeegee stole Meegee's tacos, (Squeegee and Meegee were always bitter rivals) and ran off to an unkown location in  The Mushroom Kingdom.  We also know that Squeegee is the good guy during The Meegee Era.

People call him the least related to all the other types of Fakegees, he disagrees. However, Weegee is on the hunt for more and turning them into Fakegees. The Allies of The Meegee Era War are searching up and down for Sqeegee, yet so far, there's no luck. For now.