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Squadala Ratings is the shame rating system for the Squadala Empire. It was made by Squadala Man after he discovered that the ESRB was a group of fools.

Squadala Man organized the Squadala Ratings group to help clean up the Squadala Empire. He started by gathering some trustworthy citizens, and making them play shames, and rate them based on how bad they are.

Unfortunately, Morshu, who was supposed to supervise their work, has no care for shames. He forgot about doing his job entirely when he realized he was getting paid extra.

Squadala Ratings now gives as inaccurate ratings as ESRB, but the people still get payed to play shames. Biased Ratings thinks they are better than Squadala Ratings, even though Biased Ratings just rates shames on how fun they are (supposedly).

Ratings[edit | edit source]

  • 3+ This shame is appropriate for just about Everybody. It does present a choking hazard, however, and should not be used by children less than three.
  • 5+ This shame features words such as "darn" or "gosh". It may also involve bright lights and sounds that may scare three and four year olds.
  • 9+ This shame features graphic violence, sexual themes, and words so bad a sailor wouldn't dare say them.
  • 13+ Advisable for teens and older.
  • 17+ This shame should not be played by children. In other words, these are the only shames you will find children playing.

They may use other ratings from time to time should they be necessary.

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