just the type of genuises we have at Squadala Labs

Squadala Labs
are large laboratories created by Squadala Man that are positioned in various places around the former Squadala Empire. They are the leading manufactures in most advanced technology.

Squadala Labs were first made during the Hyrulian Civil War, when Squadala Man wanted more weapons to blow people up with. They were placed in Squadala Island, but after it got bombed, new ones were built around the empire. With this advantage, Squadala Bombs were made.

Every Squadala Lab outside of the Squadala Empire has been taken over by Weegee's army, which is now creating evil Weegee Virus Bombs.

Squadala Land is actually a cleverly disguised Squadala Lab. It is the largset Squadala Lab to date, and it makes more bombs than Morshu. Wait... Morshu just blew it up. Nevermind.

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