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The Squadala Flag features the ancient propheсy in Squadalaic Cuneiform.

The Squadala Empire is a gigantic empire Squadala Man built by conquering several other nations. Actually, the imperial territories were not united yet, so technically they were all independent states. But they all were paid lotsa money by the Squadala Government in Squadala City. This empire was part of an even larger empire: the Bowser Empire.


  • 300 BC: Squadala Empire is founded on Squadala Island.
  • 450 AD: Egypt taken over. Squadala Empire gains lots of land.
  • ...
  • 2021: A ship gets stuck in the Suez Canal, and its stepbrothers come to help it.

Important Stuff


  • Squadala Man - Squadala Emperor
  • Morshu - Lord of East Hyrule
  • Bowser - Emperor of the Bowser Empire and Squadala Man's boss
  • Quebec Gamers - first militia of Squadala Empire


  • East Hyrule
    • Squadala City
    • South Korea
  • Squadala Island
  • Marshlandia
  • Persia
  • State of Weegee
  • DeviantArt (lost due to hyperinflation)


Below is an old map of the Squadala Empire at its height.

Here is the map. Where do you wish to go?


In the mid-2010s, a terrorist group called the UnIslamic State took over a bunch of the empire's Middle Eastern territories. In early 2018, East Hyrule fell to Ducky. This began the Squadalian survival wars, which ended in the brief dissolution of the Empire. However, by 2021, things were looking relatively normal, with UnISIS relegated to mid-Nowhere and with most of the empire's Eurasian territories returned, along with Egypt. However, Sudan, Donkey Kong Country, McWorld, the Caucasus, parts of Stania and Thrace never did end up returning, leaving the Squadala Empire smaller than it was before.

The Empire's Return

Main article: Second Squadala Empire

Flag of the Second Squadala Empire, featuring the Second Squadala Language, Squadalan, in the Arabic writing system widespread throughout the empire.

In Late 2021, The Empire Was Remade By Squadala Man II on Kittehlandia.

Land. The SSE fell in one of the Kittehlandia World Wars.