The Squadala Flag features the ancient propheсy in long-forgotten Squadala Language

The Squadala Empire was a large empire Squadala Man built by conquering several other nations. Actually imperial territories were not united yet, so technically they were all independent states. But they all paid lotsa money to Squadala Government in Squadala City. This empire was part of an even larger empire: the Bowser Empire.


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Important Guys

  • Squadala Man - Squadala Emperor
  • Morshu - Lord of East Hyrule
  • Bowser - Emperor of the Bowser Empire and Squadala Man's boss


Here's an old map of the Squadala Empire, where do you wish to go?

Squadala Empire


In the mid-2010s, a terrorist group called ISIS took over a bunch of the empire's Middle Eastern territories. In early 2018, East Hyrule fell to Ducky. The remaining parts of the empire (to be specific, both Sudans and a few more countries) now comprise the Squadala Republic.

The Empire's Return

Main article: Second Squadala Empire
Flag Of The Second Squadala Empire

The Flag Of The Second Squadala Empire. With The Second Squadala Language (Squadalan)

In Late 2021, The Empire Was Remade By Squadala Man, Most Of The Empire's Land Is The First Empire's

Land. The SSE fell in the First Catgirl World War.

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