Scuadala City at night (and some random dudes)

Squadala City is a large city located in East Hyrule. It was the capital city of the Squadala Empire, and it is where the great Squadala Man lived.

Squadala City was originally a city known as Boringname (bore-in-am-ee). During the Hyrulian Civil War, Squadala Man lived in Boringname. After the war ended, Squadala Man made East Hyrule part of his empire, and made Boringname the capital of his empire, renamed Squadala City.

Squadala Man lived in Squadala City until he committed suicide , and governed the empire form here. It is also where the HQ of Squadala Cable was located.

In early 2018, Weegee forces overrun Squadala City. It is now part of the Weegee Empire.

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