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The Squadala Army  was the evil army of the Squadala Empire. They were ruled over by Squadala Man, but Squadala Knight was their next in command.


When the Squadala Empire was founded, Squadala Man created the Squadala Army as a means of defending it and increasing it's size. He made his bodyguard, Squadala Knight, it's next in command, and set about recruiting and creating it's forces. First were the Squadala warriors, the bulk of the army. Some of these were seperated by their different skills and equiped with different wargear to create different troops, with their own purposes in battle, such as ranged combat, sealth, speed, and sheer brutality. Then he recruited more specialists before recruiting animal trainers to train all kinds of animals as cavalry. Next he hired inventors to create weapons and vehicles and similar machines for the army. Then he recruited mages, and other magically skilled people, who would provide powerful magic, and also use their magical skill to create new creatures, to serve in his army. He also recruited already existing monsters to also serve in the army. Together, these troops would take on numerous foes, and earn a reputation as one of the mightiest armies in the UnWorld. Until Weegee and various Fakegees kicked their ass using their deadly viruses.


  • Squadala Warriors
  • Squadala Spies
  • Squadala Ninjas
  • Squadala Corsairs
  • Squadala Spearmen
  • Squadala Brutes
  • Squadala Riders
  • Squadala Archers
  • Squadala Assassains
  • Squadala Shaman
  • Squadala Scout
  • Squadala Mage
  • Squadala Medic
  • Squadala Pikesmen
  • Squadala Wizards
  • Squadala Bombers
  • Squadala Pilots
  • Squadala Trolls
  • Squadala Orcs
  • Squadala Goblins
  • Squadala Warg-riders
  • Squadala Dragons
  • Squadala Giants
  • Squadi-Hai
  • Squadala Guards
  • Squadala Bodyguards
  • Squadala Beserkers