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Spyro as he actually appears

That's (A "figure" designed after) Cynder, they mistaken her for Spyro.

Spyro is a purple dragon. He was the founder and leader of the shame making company Sony, as well as the king of Dragonrealm. He was also one of the greatest warriors of his time, being a dragon. In fact, his name is Spyro. Not sure what that means, but hey, it sounds cool.


Spyro was born hundreds of years ago. He was raised in a realm that is NOT the UnUniverse. It was a "parallel universe" of the UnUniverse called the Dragon Realms. In the Dragon Realms, Spyro was a famed warrior, and often beat up bad guys. However, he did not own any multi-million dollar businesses, so he's not as good as Bill Gates.

Spyro's career in the Dragon Realms was cut short when the UnUniverse started to expand, and started crushing the Dragon Realms. Spyro decided to be the hero, and he ripped a hole in the dimension, and a bunch of guys flew through it, and landed in the UnUniverse. Spyro, taking advantage of the situation, took over the location he had landed on.

Spyro, now being the king of the nation he named Dragonrealm, decided he wanted more control, to the point of being a power-hungry maniac (in a good way, of course). He created the company Sony, and used it to spread his influence worldwide. He conquered a few crumbs, but other than that, did not help him when it came to territory. However, it did give him that multi-million dollar business he needed.

However, after fourteen years of peaceful ruling, Dragonrealm got involved in the Sony Civil War, as N. Sanity Island's leader Crash Bandicoot wanted control of Sony. Spyro fought in this war for thirty-six years, until his death, which ended the war.

Fortunately for Spyro, a dragon can't be physically killed so easily. A fraction of Spyro's spirit remains alive. It got a job at Sony, and now works for Crash. Other than that, things are exactly the same for Spyro.

Weird to say, people mistaken Cynder (His girlfriend) as Spyro himself, but probably because they only heard Spyro being mentioned he's a purple dragon and that's it, though specifically, he has yellow-orangeish horns and is a boy, unlike Cynder, who is female and has silver horns.

King of Dragonrealm

1954-Today Cheese

President of Sony

1954-2004 Crash Bandicoot