Some guys in Spritopia. This footage was taken during the First Sprite War. That's why they all have guns.

Spritopia is a pixelated world. If you enter the atmosphere, you become pixelated. It was actually a fairly decent place to live until the events of The First Sprite War. After the war, it kind of got let go.


The Koopa Republic

  • Population: 2,039,125,080
  • Species: Koopas, goombas, various others
  • Capital: Shellington, I.S.

New Dream Land

  • Population: 1,860,443,213
  • Species: Waddle Dees, Knuckle Joes, Birdons, various others
  • Capital: Pixelania

The Confederacy for Peace

  • Population: 7,282,619
  • Species: EVARYTHING
  • Capital: N/A

A few other tiny groups not really worth mentioning

And... that's it for now.

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