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Splat Tim
Splat Tim.jpg
HE DOES IT!!!! IT'S HIM!!!!!!
Gender: Male
Hair color: Green, I think?
Eye color: Brown
Species: Inkling
Home: Dimension 666

AKA: Inkling 666, Splat.exe.
Likes: Killing people with ink
Dislikes: Guys who respawn after he kills them
Education: Idiocy
Occupation: Shooting people
Known For: For creating Splatoon
UnRank: -829

Splat Tim is a evil Inkling who lives in Dimension 666. He looks funny, but GO AWAY FROM HIM AND NEVER COME BACK!! I warned ya. He is friends with WeeMalSheeGas. He likes shooting people a lot. If he sees you, GET THE FRICK OUTTA HERE! He hates Tubby Custard. He is a member of The Nazi Party, and is friends with WaWaWaWaTinky-Winky and Dr. Robotnik. He wants to kill WaWaWaWaWaTinky-Winky. He likes it when people say "He does it!" and "It's him!" Remember: Run away if you see him!


Splat Tim was born in Satan City, Dimension 666. When he was born he grew up 13 years old two days after. He learned how to kill, and did so! He killed Your Mom first. Then, he killed everyone else. Until he got tired. Yes, tired. He relaxed, and relaxed. Untill he wanted to do more killing.


He killed lotsa evil guys and WaGuys. But, they respawned because they can. He got so tired out that he had to take a nap for OVER 9000 years. When he woke up, he was drunk. He made the Splattershot. Then he made the Splat Roller. He made more weapons, including Inkbrush. One of his many ways to kill involves him feeding a good guy that's not an undefeatable Splaat.

Weapon Tests

So, he tested all of his weapons, and they shot ink out. They worked. He started shooting people with the weapons, including Obama. He shot 360 people. He got bored, so he made a shame called Splatoon. He tested the shame, and he loved it! He played for 10 days. Then 15. Then 666. Then OVER 9000. Before he exploded from lack of sleep, G-Man put him in an indefinite stasis.