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Were you looking for the food?

Full name: Julian Splaat
Gender: Male
Hair color: Purple?
Eye color: Blue
Age: 41
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Species: Ink splat
Alive or Dead?: Revived
Death: He respawns every time he dies.
Likes: Eating Splaat
Dislikes: The Undefeatables
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
UnRank: 200,000
Promotion: Himself

Splaat is a stupid guy who looks kind of stupid.

He is actually not very stupid, and is a great friend of The Stupid One. He is actually quite powerful, as he can use all sorts of lotsa weak powers, and a couple powerful ones.

He loves eating Splaat, and LOVES the taste of it. He is also immune to the effects of pie and cake. And for unknown reasons he hates Horrortime Tubby.

Louie.png Louie's Notes

Holy fuck. Eat him before he is able to eat you.