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" Us streamlined trains are superior to you non-streamliners! "
  —Spencer of Great Britain
Spencer the British Engine
Spencer, hailing from Great Britain!
Gender: Male
Hair color: NA
Eye color: Black
Species: Train, an LNER A4
Home: Great Britain
AKA: Spencer of Great Britain (According to The Fat Controller)
Likes: Conquering all of Sodor. Being superior to the other trains.
Occupation: Conquerer
Known For: Trying to "conquer" Sodor
UnRank: -1,750

Spencer the British Engine is a silver streamlined train hailing from Great Britain and visiting Sodor.

While on Sodor

Spencer is an asshole.

He even picked on visitors on the 2016 Sodor games, most notably Hiro and Ashima. He was even acting superior during the games, this really got Axel very upset as he knew that both streamlined and non-streamlined are equal. Due to that, he defended Hiro and Ashima from Spencer.

Though out of the two Asian engines, he was more likely threatening to kill Hiro.

Spencer even bothered working and helping Vinnie destroying Sodor. Both during the game and while the game ended.

He hates Everybody.

While outside of Sodor

Spencer is still very hostile even outside Sodor, and why nobody on Great Britain goes on train-rides with him, especially not for transport.

Him when he first arrived Sodor. Nobody was ever gonna ride inside him nor they will today.

Later on, he saw propaganda posters out of the Satanist Empire all over the globe. He bothered joining and so he can help Evil Captain 0 and his friends.

After joining, he's been dubbed "The Fun Train" by Mao and Pikachu, and want to go on train-rides with him 24/7. He's also excited to go to war.

Before joining, he studied Satanism before he could join, that he wanted to do anyways.