Spebbaduretangflarkabong is an episode of the highly acclaimed Teletubbies reboot.


The episode starts with Hotel Mario-styled Mario and Luigi walking towards Teletubby Land. Po comes out of a cloud, then shoots them with a Rocket Launcher. She laughs evilly for the next 30 seconds. Suddenly, Dipsy comes up behind her, and says a rampaging vacuum cleaner is on the loose. Po will not let it stand, so she summons Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa and tells them she will shoot them if they do not fuse into PoDipLaWinky. Reluctantly, they agree, and thus the strongest, fastest and stupidest fusion known is fused into existence.

27 minutes later, PoDipLaWinky has defeated WaWaWaWaNoo-Noo by freezing it with extreme cold. Out of nowhere, Donald Trump appears, jumps over PDLW, summons a basketball and dunks on PDLW, who explodes. Marx comes out of nowhere and makes Trump cease to exist, before disappearing for the remainder of the episode. Meanwhile, in the background, WaWaBenson kicks Thumper into orbit. wip

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