Spartan Laser

The Spartan Laser

Spartan Laser Blast

Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch.

The Spartan Laser (also called the Spartan LAZ0R, the Super Gun, and the Amazing legendary Energy Blast Generator that will disintegrates those alien freaks to a fire) is an energy beam firing weapon commonly used by Master Chief when he needs to disintegrate stuff, and the Teletubbies on an occasional basis (though they also use this weapon).

The Spartan Laser is manufactured by Spartan weapon makers. It is based around a battery in a metal shell. It is then encased in pure epicness. They then use their mail-rockets to deliver the weapons to whoever can afford them.


Since the dawn of Sparta, the price has remained exactly $10,000,000, regulated by the Undefeatables. However, each battery only costs $3.00. wip


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