Cquote1 I hope she made lots of spaghetti! Cquote2
Gay Luigi

Spaghetti is the food commonly found in Mushroom Kingdom. It is considered a delicacy in other places though. It competes against Hyrule's DINNER and the BREAKFAST! of George Volcano.

Spaghetti is supposedly very magic, though there is no proof. Mario is considered a "Spaghetti Lord", a noble position that relates to your power over spaghetti.

If one were to eat spaghetti, they would probably compliment it, and ask for more. If they didn't like it, they should get a tongue transplant so they do like it. If they can't decide whether they like it or not, SMACK THEM! Or, you could simply pour spaghetti sauce on them.




Take all ingredients, and pour them onto Somebody's head. Then take this Somebody and throw him down a well. Proceed to throw coins in the well while wishing you didn't just throw some random guy down the well. Then your wish will be granted, and Somebody will climb up out of the well. Then Somebody will beat you up and steal your lunch money. At this point, spaghetti should fall from the sky. WARNING!!! Feliciano Vargas or Italoid may randomly attack you and steal your spaghetti!

Alternatively, you can do the mario before being sucked up by the King K. Rool Cannon to generate spaghetti. Don't ask me how it works

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