Yeah, and i'm Mock Turtle Soup!

A Space Tortoise (Astronamiclys Staria) is a rare species of tortoise that live all around the Estrella Starsystem, notably near The Clangers' Planet. One of which has been manipulated by the Clangers, and is now in their army.

A Space Tortoise can be told apart from other tortoises such as the Speckled Asteroid Tortoise or Glazed Comet Tortoise by their blue/navy blue/azure/white shell and periwinkle skin. They eat Copper Leaves and are the longest living tortoise species, with an average lifespan of a decade and 400¾.5 years. You cannot break through it's tough shell even with a drill, and it can survive a 400" fall, to put it short, these guys are powerhouses.

They also enjoy music, so there's that.

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