The Space Moms are magical ladies from space who defend the Earth from evil guys with magical weapons that come from their magic rocks and raise an obese child named Steven Universe, who is the result of a human and a Space Mom named Rose Quartz engaging in naughty behavior.

Space Moms

The Space Moms (excluding Pink Mom) are shown posing, as Space Moms are notorious for doing.


The Space Moms came from a planet made out of bagels, which was inhabited by a bunch of other magic ladies who come from magic rocks called gems. One day, these space ladies came to Earth and began to grow other space ladies in facilities called "Kindergartens." These facilities stripped the earth of its minerals and resources, thus endangering the humans. The Space Moms defended the humans and fought in a fierce war with the other space ladies. After years of horrible conflict, the space moms finally retreated, leaving the Space Moms to defend the earth.

Members of the Space Moms

There are several Space Moms.

  • Square Head Mom- a tall, well-built Space Mom who wears cool shades and has a big Afro that makes her look like Steve. She is secretly two Space Moms that fused together after doing super-fresh dance moves.
  • OCD Mom- a tall, thin Space Mom who looks like a ballerina and has a pointy nose that she uses to cut cake. She doesn't like pie.
  • Chubby Mom- a short, chubby Space Mom who showers once a month and used to hang out with an onion. Chubby Mom came out of a hole in the ground in a Kindergarten, and scientists theorize that she is a mutated peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  • Pink Mom- a huge, pink Space Mom who fell in love with a human. Sadly, Pink Mom no longer exists because she had to give up her physical form to give birth to Steven. This wasn't a very worthwhile sacrifice, since her son spends most of his time playing video shames and being obnoxious.
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