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Space Marine Soldier while he was "The Final Boss of the Internet".
Space Marine Soldier
The Final Boss of the Internet

Him when he was formerly evil known as "The Final Boss of the Internet". He still looks like this today.

Gender: Male
Hair color: PURE AWESOME.
Eye color: Brown
Species: Human
Home: Nibiru
AKA: The Final Boss of the Internet (Former name when he was evil)
Likes: Being a good guy, helping people, fixing/creating stuff.
Dislikes: Bad guys, evil
Education: The kids educate him
Occupation: Formerly a UnUniverse conquerer; nowadays a helping hand.
Known For: Not even sure.
UnRank: xkcd Number

Space Marine Soldier (AKA formerly "The Final Boss of the Internet") was formerly the biggest threat ever. He used to be evil, but then he became good after he lost in a massive fight with Mr. T.

Space Marine Soldier is what started the Final War, but then it was settled and ended by Mr. T after he and the other heroes negotiated on how to stop Space Marine Soldier.


His evil years

Space Marine Soldier was formerly evil. During that time, he took the name "The Final Boss of the Internet". He claimed he could do anything and be anything.

He rose after Chuck Norriseegee divided by zero in 5050.

He killed many people, even in the Satanist Empire (leaving Starscream to lead it), but then a bunch of heroes such as Optimus Prime, Ronald McDonald, Mario, and Mr. T surrounded him. Understandably, he surrendered and redeemed himself.

His good years

During his good years, he became Space Marine Soldier once again, and then he wanted to help people and help fix their countries, and he decides to protect people; especially from the ultimate atrocity of NEDMgee still occurring today, in order to make up for the evil deeds he has done in the past.

He was then sent by Optimus Prime to pwn some of the members of the Satanist Empire, and pwned them good.


  • He once blew up Nestor because NEDMgee was on it.
  • He once turned Weegee good for 2 days.
  • He likes pizza.
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