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" In America, you create a wiki, in Soviet Russia, the wiki creates you! "
  —Meme Theory
" The whole country is communism. "
  —Donald Trump
" Russian Reversal jokes are so funny LOL!!11 XDDD plz laff "
  —your typical 12 year old, talking about Soviet Russia

Soviet Russia (red) in the First Robotnik War.

Soviet Russia (often just called Russia) is a country that is located in a location on UnWorld. It is the largest country in the world, because it is very very very very very (many "very"s later) very large. Soviet Russia is allied with Weegee in the war against Ducky, Bowser, and The King.

Soviet Russia ranks 42 on the Pizza Quality Index.

The "flag" when Robotnik came in charge, which he made when the real Earth made the USSR flag.


Russia was founded in ancient times, by a bunch of guys who ran in, and declared it their land. A tribe was set up here, but they all died when the Monkey Creatures got them.

Russia became an actual nation in a year, and was governed by their tsar, Nicholas II for a long time. Then, Dr. Robotnik came in, pulled out his AK-47, and painted Russia red (the AK-47 actually had nothing to do with this). Then, he used the AK-47 to gain power.

Nicholas II fled to Siberia and tried to create Non-Soviet Russia, but failed, giving Robotnik full controll of the country.

Dr. Robotnik led Soviet Russia for several years. He led them through a depression, two wars invasions of Monkey Creatures, Teletubby Clones, Nintendo employees, and the occasional Toaster malfunction.

General Secretary Bernie Sanders

When Momma Robotnik was let out of The German Prison, she took over, and became the new leader of Soviet Russia. After his death and revival, Dr. Robotnik came back, and kicked Momma Robotnik off of the throne (literally). Dr. Robotnik became the emperor of Soviet Russia, and he served as the overlord (he thinks that term is cooler) for a couple years until Bernie Sanders took over.

After the Russian Revolution, everything became reversed. Dr. Robotnik thought this would be a funny twist to mix things up a bit.

In 1991, Non-Soviet Russia, Ukraine, Stania, and the Baltic Union gained independence from Soviet Russia.

Secrets of Soviet Russia

  • Soviet Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrussia is best Russia!
  • In America, you find party. In Soviet Russia, party find you!
  • In America, you drive car. In Soviet Russia, car drive you!
  • In America, you watch TV. In Soviet Russia, TV watch you!
  • In America, you eat DINNER. In Soviet Russia, DINNER eat you!
  • In America, you catch Pokemon. In Soviet Russia, Pokemon catch you!
  • in America, you play shames. In Soviet Russia, shames play you!
  • In America, Chuck Norris kick you. In Soviet Russia, Chuck Norris still kick you!
  • In America, PETA kills you. In Soviet Russia, you kill PETA!