South Brazil Flag

The flag. Sure, That is Afghanistan-esque indeed.

South Brazil (Officially the Islamic Republic of Brazil) is the Islamic and Terrorist portion of Brazil led by Bruticus Maximus (Or simply Bruticus). It only borders West Brazil and East Brazil, but not North Brazil since West and East are get in the way when it comes to landmass.

The capital of South Brazil is Iguacu City.


South Brazil

The exact location of South Brazil. It doesn't border North Brazil due to the landmasses of West Brazil and East Brazil being in the way.

South Brazil was once united with West, East, and North Brazil as a federal democracy ruled by Dilma Rousseff. During February 5016 - June 5016, DipsyDiesel 10Bruticus, and M. Bison teamed up and went into war with Dilma Rousseff so they can have their own sections of Brazil for the each of them.

The war taking place during February 5016 - June 5016 was called the Brazilian Divide.



Bruticus, the dictator of South Brazil.

The flag (Like the other Brazils) derives from the original flag of Brazil when all four portions were unified as a federal democracy. It was colored after the flag of Afghanistan, plus going further, even bothered putting the mosque that Afghanistan has on its flag.


South Brazil is an Islamic and (very) Terrorist republic (Much like Afghanistan) ruled by Bruticus Maximus. When living in that nation, you are forbidden from using the computer (except posting propaganda), playing video games of any kind, watching TV (except news), and all of that stuff.

It is technically a pentarchy ruled by Brawl, Swindle, Vortex, Blast Off, and Onslaught (The leader of the pentarchy) since they are the components of Bruticus Maximus.


Bruticus's individual components from left to right: Vortex, Onslaught (Leader), Swindle, Blast Off, and Brawl. It does mean it really is a pentarchy.

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