Cquote1 Soundwave superior, Autobots inferior Cquote2
Soundwave, trying to be cool.


Gender: Male
Eye color: Red
Species: Robot
Home: Cybertron
AKA: The Bad Music Player
Likes: Playing idiotic music
Dislikes: Autobots
Education: 4 years of idiot school
Occupation: Decepticon Army DJ
Known For: Playing bad music 24/7.
UnRank: -999

Soundwave is a decepticon who turns into a radio and later a communications truck. He's also very arrogant. Soundwave always trusted Megatron, but never Starscream. Soundwave has an obsession over music, and his favorite music is anything that is dubstep. He hates those who hate dubstep or Megatron.

He is also one of the silver aces of the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization. He's just in it so Namibia doesn't get taken over. Oh wait...

Soundwave was the president of Namibia, though that doesn't mean he's strong.

He also hated how Starscream lied about a lot of things, which was why he distrusted him. Soundwave was happy that Starscream died in 2015, and that Megatron came back as Galvatron in 2014.

Some people though get Soundwave's name mixed up with Shockwave.Template:Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization members

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