A Sound Snatcher about to steal Major Clanger's voice.

A Sound Snatcher (Vespa Decibalia) is a parasitic species of hornet that, well, lives around The Clangers' Planet. As per usual, some were manipulated by the Clangers and made soilders in their army.

Sound Snatchers are unique as they have no stinger, however, they crave sound, and will attach it's proboscis on anything that makes a noise, they will suck up the sound waves, it will go down this long tube thing before ending up in the plaid patterned abdomen, where the Sound Snatcher absorbs the nutrients of the sound waves (which they have) before upchucking them up. The average life span of a Sound Snatcher is 5 years, and they lay eggs when they start nearing the end of their lives.

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