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Sony Civil War
Sony Civil War





Crash takes over Sony

Major battles
  • Infiltration of Sony Headquarters
  • Battle of N. Sanity Island


N. Sanity Island



Crash Bandicoot

The Sony Civil War was a military conflict fought between the nations Dragonrealm and N. Sanity Island. It was fought over the control of Sony, as well as everything the company represents (we're not sure what that is, but that's what Spyro said in his speech). It eventually led to massive changes in Sony. It began in 1968, and was fought until 2004.

Leading Up to the War

Sony was first created in 1954 by Spyro the dragon. As he was also the leader of Dragonrealm, their military force was used to let Sony be tough. Spyro used this tactic for several years. Eventually, the vice president of Sony turned out to be Ripto in disguise, so Spyro fired him.

Spyro put the star employee Crash Bandicoot in the position of vice president in his place. Crash, of course, has been after Spyro's position for a while, so this was stupid of Spyro. Crash secretly tried to make changes, but after it failed, he declared war, as he also owned his own country.

The War

Infiltration of Sony Headquarters

Crash's first move was to put his soldiers into Sony Headquarters, which was located in Japan. The Japanese soldiers tried to chase the N. Sanity soldiers out, but they worked at Sony, so this was tough. Crash successfully got into Sony HQ, but they were all beat by the Dragonrealm army.

The War Ends

Spyro sent a bunch of soldiers into N. Sanity Island, but this left Spyro vulnerable, and Crash went in, and shot him. He became the new leader of Sony. This took 36 years, and that's why the war took so long.


Crash took over Sony, and he is now the president. Unfortunately for Crash, dragons can't be entirely killed by a bullet, so the ghost of Spyro is now an employee at Sony. We're not sure why Crash didn't just fire Spyro. Probably because he's too stupid to think of this...And then Sackboy hired himself, took over Play Station 3 and made 3 shames about him, egotistical creep.

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