Sonic the Werehog

Sonic the Werehog IS GONNA KILL US ALL!!!

Sonic the Werehog Growl

He thinks he's so scary.

Sonic the Werehog is a legendary beast. This legendary beast is legendary. And this legendary beast is a beast. That makes it... a legendary beast. It also likes to eat chili-dogs and robot parts. Sonic is now a werewolf too. Yeah, we know it's awesome.


Sonic the Werehog was first formed when the great buffoon of an idiot Dr. Robotnik foolishly thought he actually had a chance of potentially putting a scratch on Super Sonic. The great fool raised some kind of energy weapon of some sort, and pulled the trigger. Super Sonic laughed at his efforts, so he decided to show Super Sonic who was boss. He fired a Death Star laser from his Death Egg, and blew up some random planet. Sonic, furious, launched himself at Robotnik. But then, he fell to the ground before he could beat up the overweight doctor.

The planet Robotnik had shot just happens to be the resting place of Gaia, some overpowered creature that wants to destroy the UnUniverse. Due to the power of the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic absorbed some of its power, and turned into a hedgehog-werewolf, because hedgehog-werewolfs are awesome. This legendary beast became known as Sonic the Legendary Beast, or sometimes Sonic the Werehog.

Because of this, Sonic turned into a werehog every night. At first, it was fun, because he could make people pee themselves. But after a while, it became very depressing. Sonic decided he was bored, so he defeated Gaia (with help), and turned back to normal.

Now, Sonic can still turn into Sonic the Werehog. He just has to take the Chaos Emeralds, and start jumping up and down like a crazed baboon. This trauma to the emeralds usually results in the power influx required to turn Sonic into a werehog.

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