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Sonic the Hedgehog -1's case. It was ripped off from Sonic the Hedgehog 0

Sonic the Hedgehog -1 was a shame made by SEGA. It is the prequel to Sonic the Hedgehog 0.


During the first half of the shame, Sonic sings "I don't have any enemies yet." Then, Dr. Eggman comes up, and tries to eat Sonic. Sonic beats him up, but then Momma Robotnik comes. Sonic gets beat up by her, so he calls in Sonic Sr. He walks up to her, but dies of old age. He gets back up, and walks away. Sonic then throws Sonic Sr. at her, and he dies of old age. Then he gets up, and walks away. Momma Robotnik us unconscious. Sonic says "I WIN!", and the shame ends. But then there is a bonus stage where Sonic must collect as many Rings as possible. It is impossible to get any unless you are Chuckles the Cheat or Chuck Norris.


Everyone thought this game didn't exist because it was a negative. Only Chuckles the Cheat and Chuck Norris played it. They both liked it, but they're not normal.

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