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Somewhere is a Solar System located next to Hell. In this Solar System, there is a humongous star named Delta-9 (AND NO NOT THE DELTA VARIANT).

Delta-9 is a purple star roughly about the size of the relative who birthed you, AKA yo mama.

Enough talk about Delta-9, the planets, you can find the name in the gallery and infobox, lol.

Planets / Stars


Delta-9 is a star (that you can live on apparently) is roughly 200,000,000 kilometres big. This star (Delta-9) is purple and roughly half of this Solar System lives on this star.


Munu-Munu is the smallest planet in the solar system and is home to the evil Captain 123. Munu-Munu resembles a M&M, specifically a yellow one.


This planet is uninhabitable due to being the hottest planet in Somewhere and most of the planet being BBQ sauce.


Yellroad is... well, a yellow road. This yellow road of a planet is home to many standard number cap and other species. Some people say that this planet is the reason Captain 1 came into existence so they think this planet is evil.


MarshMellearth is the most populated planet (excluding Delta-9 because Delta-9 is a star) and is the shape of a fricking marshmellow, and that makes it famous around the solar system. This planet is home to the good Captain 354, a number captain who used to be a normal but due to a car crash, he became a cyborg. This is home to lots of humans and had an alt version of end of days, called When Day Breaks. When Day Breaks is still going on, so people there have to wear heavy clothing outside. This has been going on for 1,000 years and anyone who is dumb enough to go outside without heavy clothing get melted into a fleshy monster and become hostile. These monsters try to drag people into the light and their heavy clothes get ripped of and then the melting commences. This makes this one of the most dangerous places in the UnUniverse.


Despite being the biggest planet in this solar system, it has the least population. There is not much to know about this planet other than it being a lemon. If you want info on the planet, just look at the Wikipedia page for lemons cuz the planet description is probably the page for the lemon.

Somewhere Islands

The Somewhere Islands are a very mysterious place... they're somewhere here........

Most notably, Porky invaded them but then was stopped by Lucas by the power of CRYING LIKE A BABY!