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An excerpt from the movie, and yes, that is supposed to be Snuffy.


The cover.

Snuffleupagus Goes to War was a indie movie made in 2001 about Snuffy fighting in World War II for the Mushroom Kingdom, it was a tie in with the Grand Theft Sesame Street franchise, as Elmo told the 2 Oho Jees making it he will give them some UnDollars if they work (turns out he gave them a Troll one, worth nothing.) It grossed 3,000,000 UnSenates upon released, mainly because Snuffy had came down with Cooties yesterday and he was replaced with a random pangolin.


Snuffy is seen going around with a bunch of Bombs, he then signs up as a soilder for the Mushroom Kingdom, the next 30 minutes is a montage of him training to be a soilder. He is then sent into war by being dropped by a helicopter, however, he cannot fly, so he uses his tounge as long as his body (supposed to be his trunk, but this is a pangolin, bear in mind) to break his fall, he then pulls out his bombs and starts throwing them around, the next 30 minutes is another montage, one of him fighting in all the battles.

Then WWII ends with Japan's bombing, and everyone else on Germany's side stopped fighting a while ago, but Snuffy dosen't stop there, he goes to The White House and assassins Franklin D. Roosevelt, who then comes back as a ghost and scares him away, Roosevelt Franklin then uses a fake Ban Hammer to, "banish" Snuffy.


This movie received poor reviews, but only for the lack of Snuffy, Biased Ratings wanted Snuffy to use a Dinner Blaster, however, those are copyright of King Harkinian.

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