Snowmen are one of the myriad of races that inhabit UnWorld. They are generally good natured folk who are the ones who originally wrote Christmas carols, which they sing rather well.

Snowmen live in cold places, such as Soviet Russia, southern Lolcat Land and Canada, where they build massive villages out of wood and raise all their Snowmen children. It is confirmed that there are Snowwomen, but due to the genetic makeup of snow, Snowmen are more prevalent.

DO NOT confuse Evil Snowmen with their good natured cousins. There are ways to recognise the differences:

  1. Snowmen sing Christmas Carols rather well; Evil Snowmen only sing bad Christmas Carols and they do so poorly.
  2. Snowmen eat only dead birds, leaves and carots; Evil Snowmen eat people.
  3. Snowmen are gentle and good-natured; Evil Snowmen are EVIL!
  4. Snowmen look non-evil.

Travelers who are lost in cold places are often rescued and healed by Snowmen, making them highly respected by many. However, when threatened, Snowmen can and will defend their homes and families from invaders. They have been known to fight in the Ducky Legion during Arctic Operations.

Snowman packing heat
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