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He does not look evil..I love rabbits
Gender: Male
Hair color: White fur
Eye color: TOTES ADORBS Suspicious
Species: Rabbit
Home: The sewers of New York City
Death: Killed by Mr. T
Likes: Killing
Dislikes: Being domesticated; the Teletubbies; Darth Vader
Education: He learned all he knows from PETA
Occupation: Leader of the Flushed Pets
Known For: Turning evil after eating toast. YES, TOAST.
UnRank: -456
" Liberated forever, domesticated never! "
  —Snowball protesting

See? He's that berserk.

Snowball is a evil rabbit that lives in the sewers of New York City. He was formerly good, but once he ate Toast, he started killing everyone. He is friends with his sewer buddies. He hates Darth Vader. He tried to kill Alt 2.0 once, but failed because the Teletubbies killed him. Luckily, he respawned. He is also friends with Wario and Waluigi. He is the leader of The Flushed Pets. He wants to kill Darth Vader so bad, because he just... want to. He is rivals with Thumper, too. Wario first met him when he found him by squeezing into a sewer hole. He does NOT like waffles. He also tried to kill WaWaWaWaWaTinky-Winky once. He didn't win, of course. We think he might be a member of PETA, considering how he hates domestication of animals. I repeat, he hates domestication of animals.

He's also best friends with the Vagineer and T-1000, who are just as scary.

Snowball vs. Teletubbies

Snowball wanted to kill the Teletubbies, so he went to Teletubby Land. Once he found them, they start fighting. The Teletubbies won by summoning WaMr. T, who used black magic to teleport him back to the sewers.

Snowball vs. The Mario Bros.

Once they made it, The Flushed Pets and The Mario Bros started fighting. Snowball, however, was set on fire by Bowser, who came out of nowhere. All of the pets got scared and ran back home. But wait. THERE'S MORE! After they go home, they tried making a machine called Carrot-tron 3000, but each prototype only exploded. Instead, they made Carrots. JUST CARROTS. And they ate them. They loved the Carrots, except one, who made pizza. Snowball was planning to make a new machine called Carrot-tron 3500. Once again, it didn't work. It just exploded.


Snowball on drugs.

After the pets came to kill Mr. T, T shot them dead and killed them all.