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" Don't why I even bother dressing as this on Christmas day... "
  —Snover wearing a Christmas Tree costume on Christmas Day, as well as Halloween.

Snover, he hopes his answer to Arceus comes true.
Gender: Male
Hair color: White Pine top
Eye color: Green
Species: Pine Tree-Snowman hybrid
AKA: Calm Snowman. Snover-Sama.
Likes: Prays coming true.
Dislikes: Evil people like Googolplex, Pikachu, Megatron, Zoroark, This is Bob, etc.
Occupation: Christian
Known For: The Snowman with an actual personality

Snover is a Pokemon who is a hybrid between a pine tree and a snowman. He is also the son of his father, Abomasnow.

Snover is calm, but at the same time worrying. He's worried about everything that happens, he used to be one of Pikachu's allies until he saw that Pikachu became evil, so he ran away in order to stay away from his sight.

He prayed to Arceus (The God of Pokemon) that he doesn't want evil stuff to happen again, and needs help at all costs.

Snover eventually met another Pokemon who is a plant just like him named Sunflora. He and Sunflora are very good friends and are dating. Snover and Sunflora eventually got married on 9-15-2016. Sunflora wanted two babies, and so did Snover, so they had s*x once, and then produced their baby boy, Sunkern on 3-9-2020, and then produced their baby girl, Froslass on 4-21-2021.

When Snover was only a child, he encountered a hostile weasel Pokemon named Sneasel, and he and her were enemies since that time, and still are today. He heard that Sneasel had the chance to become good or join the Satanist Empire, but instead, she bowed to Googolplex and his empire rather than teaming with Snover, Sunflora, and their fellow allies.

Beyond that, he hates a helicopter Transformer named Vortex more than Sneasel. Even though Vortex is a terrorist when yet Sneasel is a satanist, he hates Vortex more because he r**ed Snover's wife, Sunflora. Unfortunately, Vortex r**ed Snover as well like he did so to Sunflora. Luckily, Vortex was stopped since Snivy (One of Snover's fellow allies) broke in and defeated Vortex and beat him real good.

Reminds me, he still hates Googolplex more than both Bruticus Maximus and Sneasel+Gligar combined altogether. He hates Googolplex because he promotes Satanism all over the globe. He also sent the Vagineer to hunt, destroy, and eat Snover and his wife, Sunflora. He and Sunflora also saw Googolplex picking on some of their fellow Pokemon friends for no apparent reason.

Eventually, he, Sunflora, and the rest of their friends and allies, plus the other heroes by extension were forced to team up with all the villains in order to defeat the ultimate threat of This is Bob.