Cquote1 Dammit Niantic.......... Cquote2
Smugleaf Snivy

[smugly existing noises]

Gender: Male
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Brown
Species: Pokemon
Home: Azuria
AKA: Smugleaf, Tsutaja
Likes: A happy life.
Dislikes: Pokemon Go
Education: 10 years of awesome school, 5 years of awesome college, 2 years of smug lessons
Known For: Risking himself to go ahead and stop Niantic
UnRank: 2^700

Snivy is a Pokemon. He is smug.


Snivy wasn't always smug. In fact, before July 2016 came by, he wasn't smug.

Then, in July 2016, the evil company Niantic released Pokemon Go, which, somehow, killed people.

However, that doesn't stop Snivy from being smug. Due to being a smug grass-type, he was also known as "Smugleaf".

Eventually, he changed his attitude and no longer became smug, but still remained serious. He is seen on 2chan.

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