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The Sniper Rifle is a projectile firing weapon designed to shoot people that are really far away so you don't have to get up off your lazy butt and walk there yourself. The sniper rifle was invented by Thomas Edison because he invents lots of stuff, but then Master Chief stole the idea and claimed he invented it. Master Chief claims Edison was the one who stole the idea, but we know better than to trust a man who takes orders from a hologram. It is the first-choice weapon of Sniper tf2.

The most recent version of the sniper rifle has the capability to fire rounds that weigh two tons without any recoil whatsoever. This is balanced by the fact that the user ASPLODES upon use. Unless the user is Master Chief, because he's THE MASTER CHIEF. The Sniper Rifle also has a Blu-Ray Player (because it's cool) and a VHS Player (because it's lame).

A sniper rifle.

The sniper rifle was most prominently featured in both Duck Hunt and Super Duck Hunt. It also played a minor role in the Halo shames. The sniper rifle was followed by the more advanced Sniper Rifle 2.