About Snick

Snick is your run of the mill porcupine with a lot of intelligence and wit. He is a unrecognized hero in his home country and was the one to save everything and everyone from the evil forces of N.S.M.R.C.U.D.S.K.M.C.M.D.P.U.S.D.D.E.N.M.V.9001.D.T.S.E.H. His rival is The Noise.

Snick went into hiding after defeating said robot.

He recently came out of hiding and during a interview he said he still has a long journey, his words were too remove all "evil" from existence, as of now he is improving his time on The Desert Of Melting Clocks and practicing his C4 placement skills. In the same interview it was confirmed he was being chased by The Noise in orbit only because he won a Uno! game.

His UnRank is estimated to be around 555,555. 
Snick walk


Snick is the owner of the Snick Amateur Game Expo (SAGE) his only guest was Peppino the night his expo was open. Peppino being the chad he is, played his games. Snick appears in later builds of the game as a special guest, he also has a evil clone called Snick.Exe, who haunts Peppino in his sleep.


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