Cquote1 I am Sneasel, and I HATE YOU! Cquote2

Sneasel spreading hate with her shadow-balls.

Gender: Female
Hair color: Dark Teal fur
Eye color: Crimson
Species: Cat-Weasel hybrid
AKA: Weasel B****, P***y Cat
Occupation: MLG Gangster
Known For: Shooting people to death with her guns that shoot icicles
UnRank: 14

Sneasel is a weasel-cat Pokemon with sharp claws and spreads hate, along with her boyfriend, Gligar.

She and Gligar do nothing but (try to) kill people all day and play hardcore games and praying to Satan.

Speaking of Satan, both of them are part of the Satanist Empire and bow down to Googolplex.

Sneasel's "favorite" games she plays all day are her own, Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, and Halo. She trolls everybody on those games.

She wanted to be allies with Salamence, but changed her mind since he's a minion of the Teletubbies and since Sneasel herself is part of the Satanist Empire.

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