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Smytus on an Ordinary Day
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The destroyer himself.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Yellow
Species: Robot
Home: Cluster Prime
Death: N/A
AKA: Destroyer of Worlds
Likes: Defeating Jenny Wakeman
Dislikes: Jenny Wakeman
Education: Cluster Prime Elementary, Cluster Prime High
Occupation: General
Known For: Enemy of Jenny Wakeman, Destroyer of Worlds
UnRank: 21,999

Smytus is a crazy robot guy who serves as the general of the Cluster Army. He hails from Cluster Prime and is one of the many enemies of Jenny Wakeman.


Smytus was born on the planet of Cluster Prime. There, he was taught at Cluster Prime Elementary, and then at Cluster Prime High. He always dreamed of becoming the most feared villain in the entire galaxy, and thus after graduating, was made General of the Cluster Army. Smytus often tried to strike fear into his worst enemies by claiming himself to be the 'Destroyer of Worlds', but not many people believed him. He decided to come to Earth, where he became enemies with the local hero, Jenny Wakeman, whom he tried to put an end to so many times.

Settling down

After so many attempts to defeat Jenny Wakeman failed, Smytus went into a bar. There, he met Dio Brando, who showed him a beautiful alien girl named Mandy, whom he could marry if he could succeed in rescuing her from him. Smytus accepted Dio's challenge, and, with the unlikely help of Soundwave, defeated Dio and rescued Mandy. Smytus and Mandy then got married, and had three kids.

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